This is just a test … part two

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Test pattern ... part 2Pre-Ramble: So, let’s see if that link-to-the-email relay mechanism really works … (and if you’re just joining us, I added a new feature to the site that can send a note to your email when I post a new blog. To sign up, just enter your email address into the field in the upper left-hand corner where it says “Enter your email address” … ). 

Theoretically, if you entered your email address into that little block area after my earlier test posting, a note that I just posted this blog entry should pop into your email. Or, if you entered you email address just now, a note will pop into your email the next time I post something.

Phew – this high-tech stuff is complicated! (My kids are currently rolling on the floor laughing at my attempt to describe something so simple that they can do it in their sleep.)

The Take-Away: Well, enough admin housekeeping — stay tuned for my next actual blog … something insightful, informative and/or entertaining … blah … blah.  In the meanwhile, it would really be helpful if you could send me a quick note through the “responses” function below to let me know whether the email feed worked for you or not.


  1. Dick Munn
    July 18, 2009

    it worked

  2. RLM, Sr
    July 21, 2009

    Did not get an email for the posting of your Jul 18 blog.

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