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test patternPre-Ramble:  Several of my semi-regular readers have asked if there was a way that I could let them know when I post a new blog, so they won’t miss it, or so they won’t spend valuable screen time checking in on my site every other minute to see if a new entry has been posted.

So, I asked my tech guy about it and he said, “Yep, there’s a way to do that.”

About three minutes later, he sent me an email that said, “Look in the upper left hand corner of your site and see if that is what you were thinking of.”

So, I looked at it, and sure ’nuff — that was it!

So, now … if you’d like a quick prompt to pop into your email to let you know when I’ve posted a new blog entry on the “K” site, just enter your email address into the handy space on the upper left side of the homepage screen that says, “Enter your email address” and then click on the “Subscribe” button below it.

Poof!  … News of a fresh “K” blog will enter your world whenever I post one on the site.

Hold your applause – I’d like to check and see whether this actually works and would very much appreciate it if a couple of you Beta Canaries-in-the-mineshaft could enter your email address as described above and let me know if the loop follows through. 

Please note: No one will ever see the email address that you enter (not even me – it’s just a relay mechanism); I will not sell any email address that is entered for this purpose on my site (can’t – I won’t know what they are); and entering your email address will not cause any form of additional spam to come into your inbox. You have my word on that.

The Take-Away:  So, now, due to modern technology, and my super techmeister, Clay — you will never miss a single “K” blog post.  All is right with the world!! :)

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  1. deb
    August 7, 2009

    Hey there–I just signed up for the email subscription. One note–it’s set up so people don’t automatically get on your list just by entering their email…they also have to respond to an email they receive in response to activate it–so it’s a 2 step process (that not everyone completes).
    But SmartyPants that I am :-) I’ve been receiving your blogs through RSS feed for EONS (well, at least several months) but now I’m going to switch to your email option. Also, I see you’re using FeedBurner for the email subscriptions–which is what I use too. If it’s set up like mine, you’re subscribers won’t just get a notice that you’ve posted, they can actually RECEIVE YOUR POST in their email (which is much simpler than having to take the second step of going to your site to read the post). And did you know you (as the author of the blog) can actually see who has subscribed by email? Ask your tech guy to show you how to log on to FeedBurner? You can also use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you’re getting, etc. Or maybe we should have a summit (or Summit!) with our laptops …
    Is this the longest comment you’ve ever received? I’m worn out!

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