For love or money?

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Pre-Ramble:  Every K. blog post can’t be as lofty as that last piece on the trebuchet … sometimes they’re just going to be down and dirty …

Well, so, on October 30th, Brian McGuinn accidently threw his wife Anne’s 1.5 carat, custom-designed ring, valued at $10,000, into the trash.  The ring eventually made its way to the landfill and was presumed lost.

Huge bummer.

Mr. McGuinn, however, was determined to find the “irreplaceable” memento and donned a haz-mat suit to wade through an estimated nine tons of seriously disgusting garbage to find it.

Astoundingly, 90 minutes later, he surfaced with the sludge-covered treasure and rushed it over to a nearby jeweler to be cleaned. (Heck yeah!?!)

“Once I found it, I actually let out a manly scream!,” says McGuinn, who describes the moment of finding his wife’s bling amongst the garbage as winning the lottery.

The Take-Away:  Wow.

Post-Note:  If you’re calling it “a manly scream,” that automatically means it isn’t.

In an oddly related story, the rings shown below are made by the up-cycle artists at Metal And Thread out of “actual trash picked up off the ground.” A description of the rings …

“A sustainable and artistic approach was used to make these pop art jewelry pieces. The lighters were found on the street and were carved, sanded, shaped and finally filled at the top with acrylic to finish the look. Colors vary depending on what Nate happens to find in the street.”

… a real find at $17.50 each.



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