You better not pout …

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Pre-Ramble:  Ho-ho-ho … Lest your sunny disposition be waning in the hustle of the holidays, consider this very cool mechanism — the Fuhlometer.

Literally translated, “feel-o-meter,” this 16-foot-wide illuminated emoticon uses face-recognition software to analyze the expressions of people in a specific area to capture a general mood — a smile, frown, or something inbetween — which then beams from the giant neon face.

The revealing surveillance device was created by three Berlin-based artists and most recently installed on a lighthouse in the Bavarian village of Lindau (shown at right).

The Take-Away:  “You better watch out, … you better not cry, … you better not pout, … I’m tellin’ you why … ” … the Fuhlometer could be coming to a town near you – :)

Happiness is contagious — let your good vibes shine out into the Universe! 

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