Big bling

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Pre-Ramble:  Not referring to the iPhone app by the same name that features over-sized twirling jewels, the new big bling in town is a wonder to behold by sculptor and installation artist Jim Hodges.

The work, called “Untitled” (shown right), is made of four massive boulders, each weighing eight to 13 tons and faced with veneers of high-gloss stainless steel in a variety of colors—pink, blue, gold and lavender.  It was recently acquired by the Walker Art Center in anticipation of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s 25th anniversary in 2013.

According to the Walker’s executive director, Olga Viso,

“Created by one of the most important American sculptors working today, this grouping of monolithic stones, which have been deftly transformed by the artist, seem to defy their massive weight and materiality, especially as the interplay of natural light and reflection activate their gleaming surfaces.”

Untitled” will be installed on the four-acre stretch of green space adjacent to both the Walker and the Sculpture Garden …

“We hope that the boulders will, like the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry in the Sculpture Garden, become a beloved destination in our city for people to visit and experience from dawn to dusk and throughout the seasons.”

The Take-Away:  I love this piece.  It’s big … it’s shiny …  its unique combination of grit and glamour is compelling.  “Untitled” ( … it needs a name) will be dedicated on April 26th at the Walker Art Center.

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