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Pre-Ramble:  It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a super hot summer — a record-setting number of 90-degrees-and-above days, with high humidity to add to the big sticky mix.

I can tell you all about this, now that a certain situation has been rectified, but for a few 99 degree days there … Our.  Air.  Conditioner.  Wasn’t.  Work.  Ing.


( … suddenly sweaty just thinking back on it.)

I felt like I was carrying around a huge, dripping secret.  It wasn’t like we could actually tell people that our air was out … I did start to mention it one time, mostly just to hear myself say it out loud to verify that it was in fact true … At first, the person looked confused, incredulous … they looked at me like, “What? … Are you insane? … Why don’t you get the damn thing fixed??”

Then, the tone would turn to alarm and pity — they’d blurt out, “You can come and stay with us! … Seriously, we have all kinds of room!”

No, no, we’ll be fine ….. So generous and lovely of them to offer, but how incredibly embarrassing … to inconvenience another family just because we were too busy, oblivious and/or stupid to properly prepare for summer in Minnesota (a.k.a. wildly unpredictable, but likely to be unbearably hot for at least a couple of days) …

In our own defense, the continuous string of way-too-hot days came up a little earlier than we would have thought, and, having just moved into a new (old new) house, we had a 50/50 chance that the AC worked.  Drat.  Trust me, you’re standing there in front of the fan in underpants and a tee-shirt before you even know what hit you.

The level of gritty ingenuity that crops up when you are suddenly subjected to extreme conditions is pretty amazing.  When it seemed like it was just a matter of toughing out a day or two of heat and humidity, it was kind of a fun challenge.  We went to the movies, Home Depot, Dairy Queen and on a couple of extended car rides — all in a work-around mode to get some relief from the stifling steam room that was our house.

My favorite stay-cool strategy was heading into the grocery store under the guise of “picking up a few things” … must-have stuff like pita chips and a back-up pack of coffee filters.  As I leaned over the freezer case to study the label on some pork cutlets, I felt like I was stealing something.  … Don’t mind me … just standing over here in this super cold meat locker … checking out the whatever …

Blah - The one thing that quickly became apparent in the thick of the heat, was how difficult it was to concentrate on anything.  I learned that extreme outdoor/indoor temperature has a direct negative effect on cognitive processing.  It’s hard to be thoughtful, witty or even coherent when you’re hot and sticky and dripping in sweat (literally).  I was definitely not feeling up to my usual bloggy self.

The Take-Away:  Get your AC checked every March.  Just do it.


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