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Pre-Ramble:  The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London were spectacular!  Simultaneously classic and cheeky, the British successfully managed a mash-up all of the best bits of their iconic culture and delivered them in a simple and meaningful way …

  • Loved the giant Olympic rings dangling from the London Bridge
  • Loved the flaming Olympic rings floating above the crowds in the Olympic Stadium
  • Loved the Queen’s film debut
  • Loved the Queen’s Corgis’ film debut
  • Loved the American athletes’ uniforms (designed by Ralph Lauren … and made in China … Hey — it’s a global event; it’s a global economy)
  • Loved the giant sing-along led by a visibly moved Paul McCartney
  • Loved the fireworks and flashbulbs lighting up the darkened venue

The Take-Away:  Most of all, loved the sparkle of hope and awe that shined in the eyes of the beautiful athletes as they made their way around the Olympic Stadium

Post-Note:  Looking forward to the Olympic-themed logotypes on the Google homepage … today it depicts the Google logo painted on the bottom of an Olympic swimming pool.

Also looking forward to the shameless Olympic-themed headline puns in the Wall Street Journal … my fav so far is from yesterday’s primer on Olympic cycling titled “Pedal to the Medal” – Brilliant!

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