The jelly bean series

PreRamble:  Jelly Belly brand jelly beans come in a variety of fun flavor themes. I created the following series by dumping 5 of the bags out one-by-one and organizing each by flavor as represented on the package. Disclaimer: No jelly beans were omitted or eaten during this process.

Jelly Bean series (1 of 5) “Soda Pop Shoppe” (3.5 oz) – flavors in order of appearance: Orange Crush; A&W Root Beer; Dr. Pepper; 7-UP; A&W Cream Soda; Grape Crush.

Jelly Bean series (2 of 5) “Smoothie Blend” (3.5 oz) – flavors in order of appearance: Cherry Passion Fruit; Mandarin Orange Mango; Mixed Berry; Pineapple Pear; Strawberry Banana.

Jelly Bean series (3 of 5) “Superfruit Mix” (3.1 oz) – flavors in order of appearance: Acai Berry; Barbados Cherry; Blueberry; Cranberry; Pomegranate.

Jelly Bean series (4 of 5) “Hello Kitty” (3.1 oz) – flavors in order of appearance: Bubble Gum; Cotton Candy; Red Apple; Sour Cherry; Strawberry Cheesecake; Very Cherry.

JB 5.jpg

Jelly Bean series (5 of 5) “Ice Cream Parlor Mix” (3.1 oz) – Cold Stone Creamery flavors in order of appearance: Chocolate Devotion; Our Strawberry Blonde; Birthday Cake Remix; Apple Pie a la Cold Stone; Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

The Take-Away:  Lots of jelly bean flavors out there … and, how does this relate to my work? … Like elements in a Things Organized Neatly post (in this case jelly beans) … concepts, ideas, etc. can be dumped out and “organized neatly” to make them more engaging and accessible for you, your team and/or your clients to understand, process and move to action.

The one-page Strategic Overview Platform captures and communicates information, concepts and strategies in one eyeful — it let’s you dump stuff out and organize it, so you can see what you’ve got.

Post-Note:  “Smoothie Blend” (2 of 5) was included in the August 17th post on the Things Organized Neatly website : )