Brand new brand

Introducing my brand new brand mark – (ta-da!)!

Unlike Yahoo!, my new symbol bears little resemblance to the old one … (none). As my work has shifted to a more colorful, multi-faceted, integrated approach, the time was right for a corresponding shift in the look and feel of my … look and feel.

Over the past few years, the focus of my work has moved from mainly writing to facilitating a broader framework for thinking and organizing information that I call the Strategic Overview Platform.

Part coach, part scribe, the focus of this work is to clearly articulate the focus of other people’s work. I partner with individuals and teams to surface and capture the current state of their (fill in the blank with practically anything) in a crisp, one-page visual format.

The new mark symbolizes this new focus.

Created by Minneapolis graphic designer and illustrator Marnie Baehr, the asymmetrical, multi-faceted circle of shapes reflects the Overview process itself, using rich deep colors to organize and engage independent units that come together to make a unified whole.


Thank you, Marnie – you are brilliant!