Dynamics of vision and change

PreRamble: Apparently, “we see things either because they move, or because our eyes do.”

Susana Martinez-Conde, director of the Laboratory of Visual Neuroscience at the Barrow Neurological Institute, points out that every known visual system depends on movement …

“Vision is the result of neurostimulation caused by ‘frenetic, nonstop ocular activity’  … Most of these tiny, split-second movements are unconscious and nearly imperceptible to us … Our brain suppresses the feeling of our eye jumps, to avoid the sensation that the world is constantly quaking.”

The Take-Away: That’s neat. And so is the reciprocal relationship between change and vision.  While “vision is all about change” (constant changes made by the eye) … conversely, in the realm of strategic thinking, a strong, well-articulated vision plays a critically important role in the dynamics of change.

Post-Note:  While I think this is a neat coincidence of language and meaning, deep down, I also think that there is an as yet unknown parallel between phenomena in the physical world and conditions of interaction in the psychological world.

Of course, this change in our perception remains to be seen.