The distraction of shiny objects

PreRamble:  The colorful, sparkling, angular object shown left is a brooch designed by Sharon Khazzam.

Like all of Khazzam’s work, this piece is a delightful mix of shapes, cuts and colors of semi-precious stones crafted into an unexpected and resonant design. Each stone uniquely reflects light, while the collective of stones comes together at intriguing angles, playing off of one another in fascinating ways.  The parts are individually spectacular … the sum of the parts, even more so.

Random other” - Khazzam’s brooch is an example of what I would consider a compelling “random other” element. When brought into the orbit of another entity, an interesting, dazzling “random other” thing from outside-the-box can serve as a powerful metaphor and catalyst that can fuel all sorts of synergies inside-the-box. The yin of a shiny object (or other random other thing) in juxtaposition with the yang of the realities of the business context can lead to new thinking, interesting insights, greater clarity and a renewed sense of energy.

For example, if we dragged a shiny distraction into your organizational box (or project or idea), we could see how it plays. The interaction of the divergent perspectives, the action of the moving parts alone, shakes things up — challenges assumptions, ratifying some and calling others on the carpet. Dissecting the pieces … isolating materials, the dynamics … noting the relationships and associations … studying the systems to see how things align and diverge … finding the gaps.

Introducing “random other” elements into the reality of your business scenario can help you surface often hidden contextual/foundational aspects of your work to reveal and better artiiculate the value that your organization most authentically provides to clients or audiences.

What is the value that your clients or audiences seek from you?  Are you able to clearly articulate that?  Are you able to orient your sales, marketing, development, HR teams around that value?  Are you able to communicate that value to stakeholders?

The Take-Away:  It sparkles for a reason — invite distraction to find clarity and insight into your unique organizational value.