Useful plan = Interactive + Simple + Visual

PreRamble:  Always nice to have ratification around the value of my simple, visual Strategic Overview Platform 

… In Part 2 of his “Creating a Dynamic Strategic Plan that Engages the Enterprise” series, business strategist Daniel Burrus discusses the imperative of simple, well-communicated strategic plan messaging to engage and motivate employees.

Here Burrus suggests that the effective strategic plan is a dynamic document that incorporates the elements of brevity, storytelling, multiple media formats, social interaction, and engagement:

  • Brevity – Less is more – break the plan down into its basic elements (Burrus recommends three). The goal is for everyone in the organization to be able to quickly grasp and retain the basic elements of the plan.
  • Storytelling – Make it memorable – create a big picture of the plan that tells a story (beginning, middle, end) such that folks can see it in their mind’s eye.
  • Multimedia – Burrus reminds us that people have different learning styles – visual, audio, kinesthetic – and that effective use of technology (document, video, podcast, sky-writing, whatever) will optimize communication of a plan of any kind.
  • Social – “Social media is an ideal way to make a strategic plan dynamic … it’s about creating engagement and involvement.” Burrus suggests using Twitter and other collaborative tools to communicate success stories and solicit timely, productive feedback on things that didn’t go as planned.
  • Engagement – Ultimately, you want a “dynamic” strategic plan that actively engages people … invites them to participate and add value.

Summing it up, Burrus adds that successful and innovative companies will have a strategic plan that is “dynamic and moving.”

“The bottom line is that truly successful and innovative companies will have a strategic plan that is in motion. They’ll have a dynamic document that can be added to, massaged, and refined with graphics, video, and audio.”

The Take-Away:  Yes, yes and yes.  And, I’d expand on the engagement piece to make the actual process of developing the strategic plan dynamic and interactive as well. Bringing together representatives from multiple silos and levels, using two-way tech-enhanced dialogue, and capturing it all in a simple, memorable format will engage multiple perspectives, invite buy-in, energize the process, and literally get people “on one page.