The art of facilitation

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The art of facilitation

PreRamble:  Last week, as part of their “Design for Good” initiative, the Minnesota chapter of the AIGA piloted a workshop on facilitation — Facilitation: by Design. The two-day experience, held at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), was designed to equip design professionals with the frameworks, strategies, insights, tools, resources and confidence needed to guide diverse groups […]

WAM app 1.0

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WAM app 1.0

PreRamble:  This is brilliant — a win-win-win scenario that leverages the synergy between three different realms as a way to innovate and educate. The University of Minnesota journalism department has charged its students to create a smartphone app for the Weisman Art Museum (WAM) that encourages audiences to learn and engage with art. This past […]

Nutritional guidelines 2.0

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Pre-Ramble: I can barely stand it. The new and improved “food icon” designed to replace the current out-of-favor “Food Guide Pyramid” was revealed today at 10:30 EST … live-streamed at … (or, if you were in the USDA’s Jefferson Auditorium, USDA South Building, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C., you heard the announcement live). I’ve aired my […]

Who’d a thunk it?

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Pre-Ramble: Just back from the Learning & the Brain Conference sponsored by The University of Chicago – and my brain is PACKED with new, fascinating ways to look at learning and performance through the lens of cutting-edge advances in neurological research. This three-day “interdisciplinary forum” brought together researchers, clinicians and educators who provided insight – both heavy on […]

Turn up the heat

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Pre-Ramble:  Nothing fires me up more than an article titled, “How to Fire Up U.S. Innovation” (WSJ, 4/12/11) … As an adult-onset geek, the mere thought of things being innovated makes my heart beat a little bit faster.  In the piece, Vinton Cerf, chief Internet evangelist (?) at Google, lays out a few key dynamics that […]

What’s in a name?

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Pre-Ramble:  Plenty, that’s what!  A friend of mine … well, an admired acquaintance really, is a partner in Pollywog, “an unconventional branding agency” … an enterprise that comes up with highly purposeful/catchy names for businesses, organizations, products, services, events – you name it. (heh.) Made up of creative professionals from some of the world’s largest […]

Curiosity and opportunity

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Pre-Ramble:  I love hearing stuff about kids who are crazy good at science. Yesterday’s NY Times   Magazine (Sunday, 2/27) featured “Youth.”  Two of them, Matt Fernandez and Akash Krishnan, friends from Portland, Oregon, had built a computer program that can recognize “feelings” in human speech patterns for their high school science fair. In a nut-shell, the very cool algorithum […]

The adjacent impossible

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Pre-Ramble:  Among the many characterizations of the mechanisms behind creative thought, creative thinker and author of the book “Where Good Ideas Come From,” Steven Berlin Johnson suggests that a necessary pre-condition to innovation – one presumably born out of a creative process – is trafficking in the high potential waters of “the adjacent possible.”  Who’d a thunk […]

The creativity gap

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Pre-Ramble: As a grantwriter specializing in education-related issues, the primary goal of nearly every project I work on is to “increase academic achievement in underperforming student groups,” also known as, “closing the achievement gap.”   Do the math.  A concerted effort to foster high academic achievement for students as they prepare to join the “college and career ready, 21st-Century, […]

Educational kryptonite

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Pre-Ramble: The next in a tidy little series of blog posts I had planned about the Project Zero conference  was going to feature the power of the learning environment. I was going to talk about how inspiring, and reverent really, it was to partake in lofty discussions around the imperative of education with such a cast of renown experts […]