BIF9 – Go forth and “try more stuff”

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BIF9 – Go forth and “try more stuff”

PreRamble:  The BIF9 Summit – The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) recently showcased a line-up of outstanding thinkers, writers, speakers, musicians, and odd rubber creatures in a lively two-day forum at the Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI. Part think-tank, part do-tank, the Business Innovation Factory “sets the stage for multi-level approaches to transformational change, designing and testing new business models through sponsored projects” in realms which include […]

We brought cupcakes

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We brought cupcakes

Pre-Ramble:  Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, James Bond, Buzz Lightyear, Professor Gadget … step aside!   After eight years of planning, eight months of interplanetary travel, and “7 minutes of terror,” NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory plunged through Mars’ atmosphere, fired up a rocket-powered platform and lowered a car-sized, 1-ton robotic rover – curiously named “Curiosity” […]

Just WOW

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Pre-Ramble:  The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London were spectacular!  Simultaneously classic and cheeky, the British successfully managed a mash-up all of the best bits of their iconic culture and delivered them in a simple and meaningful way … Loved the giant Olympic rings dangling from the London Bridge Loved the flaming Olympic rings floating above […]


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Pre-Ramble:  Just a scant 236 years ago, the Continental Congress adopted Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence.  As a writer, I am particularly interested in what that whole process must have been like – sans digital technology. When I think about events from historical times, where people are referred to as “forefathers,” I […]

Bucket list

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Pre-Ramble:  So, it looks like there was a daring tightrope tip-toe across Niagara Falls last night … According to Reuters’ wire reports (no pun intended): “Nik Wallenda, a member of the famed “Flying Wallendas” family of aerialists, completed a historic tightrope crossing through the mist over Niagara Falls Gorge on Friday, stepping from a two-inch cable […]

Pomp and circumstance

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Pre-Ramble: As a dedicated Anglophile, I am totally delighted by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee currently taking place in the collective Commonwealth. Numerous activities celebrate the historic event including formal luncheons, dinners, a royal barge, flotilla, flyover, horse show and a few protests. The Royal happening even rates a custom Google Doodle featuring the Queen’s profile, diamonds and corgis (the Queen’s […]

My views

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Pre-Ramble: Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve discovered that if you’re busy living life, you don’t have a lot of time to blog about it … Lately, most of my prime blogging time has been consumed by packing and unpacking boxes, learning how to use the new washing machine (there seriously needs to be some kind of […]

A whole nother ballgame

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Pre-Ramble:  Just a little shout-out to Boston’s Fenway Park – the iconic structure is celebrating its 100th anniversary today, “The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees renew one of the greatest rivalries in sports this afternoon, but the focus will be on the ballpark, as Fenway Park celebrates its 100th anniversary … Today’s matchup […]

What color is your parachute?

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Pre-Ramble:  My best friend turned the Big 5 – 0 this month … And to celebrate, she  jumped out of a plane! Thats’ her above, tandem jumping in the Florida Keys … … hurling toward the Earth at 120 mph … … the whole thing captured on film by her personal “professional skydiving videographer.” What color is […]

In memory of Daisy

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Pre-Ramble:  The other night we had to put down our much beloved dog, Daisy. Loyal friend, companion and muse, … all these years I thought I was taking care of her, when actually, she was taking care of me. The Take-Away:  As my daughters reflected so perfectly, “Daisy, you were so loved – you will be so missed.”