Shot of happiness

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Shot of happiness

Pre-Ramble:  “100 Happy Days” seems like such an easy, flitty, fun thing to do — for 100 days in a row, participants are to post a picture of something that makes them feel happy.  Blogger Taylor Wyllie describes it: “100 Happy Days is a world-wide “challenge” that encourages people to post a new picture that makes them happy for 100 […]

Dream on

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Dream on

PreRamble:  In a combination of expectation setting and just-good-fun, self-appointed expert and author Jon Methven ponders the theory and practice of daydreaming in modern life. He sets up his premise … There is nothing wrong with spending vast quantities of time fantasizing about imaginary realities far away from the cheerless hardships of modern life. The problem is […]

Stop and smell the Ostrich feathers

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Stop and smell the Ostrich feathers

PreRamble:  This is one of those pictures that deserves more than the glancing blow of a Facebook or Twitter post. A close look here will reveal the snout of a sweet, snoozing Smooth Fox Terrier buried in the feathered folds of a faux-Ostrich blanket. Lighting, texture, palate, composition — exquisite. Peaceful. The Take-Away: Sure, there’s important business to be done … numbers to be met […]

“Hack” … a surprisingly multi-faceted word

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“Hack” … a surprisingly multi-faceted word

PreRamble: “Hacked” is one of my favorite words … in addition to being a hip tech term, it also has a quasi-onomatopoetic quality of sounding like what it is. Imagine my delight in finding that the feature story of the December issue of WIRED magazine is all about being “hacked.” (Senior writer for WIRED, Mat Honan […]

Digging up some details

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Digging up some details

Pre-Ramble:  I have had some inquiries on the topiary crown featured in yesterday’s post (another shot shown at right) … Where is this in London? … Are those real flowers? … Was it created by Jeff Koons? … So, I did a little digging, and the answers to those questions are: St. James Park; yes; and no. Apparently, in […]

Olympic green

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Pre-Ramble:  A couple of my favorite chap-ettes are bopping around London this week and sent over this extraordinary example of Royal British-ness … The Take-Away:  Pip-pip … I simply must duplicate this in my stateside topiary gardens — !    

Running in the background

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Pre-Ramble:  As often as I can, I like to take an evening walk.  There’s a nice 2-mile loop around the neighborhood that offers a variety of sights and sounds … lots of trees and fields, a couple of swamps, different angles on a nearby lake, … all sorts of random wildlife. Generally, I try to keep my eyes open – you never know […]

I’m so cool

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Pre-Ramble:  It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a super hot summer — a record-setting number of 90-degrees-and-above days, with high humidity to add to the big sticky mix. I can tell you all about this, now that a certain situation has been rectified, but for a few 99 degree days there … Our.  Air.  Conditioner.  Wasn’t.  Work.  Ing. !!! ( … suddenly […]

Pomp and circumstance

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Pre-Ramble: As a dedicated Anglophile, I am totally delighted by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee currently taking place in the collective Commonwealth. Numerous activities celebrate the historic event including formal luncheons, dinners, a royal barge, flotilla, flyover, horse show and a few protests. The Royal happening even rates a custom Google Doodle featuring the Queen’s profile, diamonds and corgis (the Queen’s […]

The purpose-driven heron

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Pre-Ramble:  While acclimating to life in the new digs, I’ve been taking in the sights and sounds of the lakefront location.  Along with the bold and colorful flutter of the red-wing black birds and the honking packs of roving geese, I’ve been taken by the serene and pensive herons that stand knee-deep at the water’s edge. […]