So, get busy already…!

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Pre-Ramble:  From the title, you might think this is another iteration of the last blog, scolding the folks on Capitol Hill for rushing to judgement on President Obama’s pace of play. While I could easily muster up another several paragraphs on that, you would soon come to realize that it would just be another stall tactic.  […]

The ultimate alley-oop

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Pre-Ramble: With the inauguration of Barack Obama just a day away, I wanted to post something relevant and meaningful; something that would invoke the significance of this historic event. I’d like to be able to articulate some eloquent angle on Abraham Lincoln, or wax poetic on Yale professor, Elizabeth Alexander, who has been commissioned to compose and read a […]

New Year’s Revolution

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Pre-Ramble: It’s the New Year, time for fresh starts,  self-examination and the ubiquitous “New Year’s resolution.” I  just have to weigh in on this… According to wikipedia, my favorite factoid resource, a “resolution” is a commitment or pledge that an individual makes to an undertaking, often to curb some kind of unwanted behavior. A resolution remains in play until it is accomplished […]

Serendipity over the rainbow

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Pre-Ramble: Turns out that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow might have more relevance than we thought. According to best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell in his new book “Outliers,”  success is as much a function of circumstance, effort, and luck as it is about innate ability.  Gladwell, science buff and staff writer for The New Yorker, examines a  collection […]

“Move the energy forward…”

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Pre-Ramble: On the eve of the final session of Level 1 Improv, I thought it would be sporting to share one of the most useful things I’ve learned. “Move the energy forward” is a fundamental and very versatile principle of improvisational theater, and I have found that it has a role to play in pretty much any circumstance. According to John Sweeney, […]

Face the music

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Pre-Ramble: Ok, so, in an effort to shake things up a little, I decided to step out and try a few new things… like take piano lessons (again), start a website/blog (you’re there), and, what the heck – take a beginner improvisational acting class, a.k.a. Improv. Those who know me know that this is a […]

Embrace your inner turtleneck

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Pre-Ramble: I just ordered a couple of new turtlenecks online. I already have quite a few in my closet… Ok, you could choke a horse with the number of turtlenecks I have, and frankly, I take a lot of flack for it. The common perception is that turtlenecks go arm-in-arm with polar fleece, sturdy shoes, […]