Being green in 2013

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Being green in 2013

PreRamble: According to the experts at Pantone LLC, “the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries,” Emerald Green – specifically, color number 17-5641, “a lively, radiant, lush green” – is the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year! For colorphiles like myself, this is a big deal. “Green is the […]

A nice shade of Squirrel Pelt Grey

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Pre-Ramble:  So, a popular New Age-y kind of approach to life dynamics says that the minute you start thinking about something that you want to do … and putting it “out there,” … the forces of the Universe start sending relevant stuff your way. Universe cookies – The technological equivalent of that would be where you do […]

Turtleneck strongly suggested

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Pre-Ramble:  Every year about this time, I steel myself against the inevitable flack I must endure on behalf of my beloved wardrobe workhorse — the turtleneck. This year, the first shot was fired across the bow by none other than Clinton Kelly, the other half of the “Clinton and Stacy” duo from the popular show on TLC “What Not […]

Fashion outside the lines

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Pre-Ramble:  Since it’s Fashion Week, I thought this was a fitting little snippet … German costume designer, Heather MacCrimmon, noticed some children’s drawings on a friend’s refrigerator of “princesses in fantastical dresses.” She thought it would be fun to actually MAKE the dresses exactly as they were drawn … to “bring to life the clothes […]

The beautiful people

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Pre-Ramble:  Great. It’s Fashion Week.   Didn’t we just do this?  I assure you, I didn’t wear “dressy shorts” with patterned tights and stacked wedges last season, and I won’t wear them this season either — even if they come in that fancy new “vivid sorbet yellow.” Yes, this is a time to celebrate the Beautiful People, … in their […]

Dodging anvils

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Pre-Ramble: A rainy day in NYC makes negotiating the sidewalk scene even more of a challenge; umbrellas and puddles necessitate a lot of bobbing and weaving. Heading up Madison Avenue, around 60th Street or so, I end up walking on the heels of this quirkily dressed guy, darting across against the light. Mid-street, Quirky Guy, whom […]

My kingdom for a pair of comfortable shoes

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Pre-Ramble: So, for the past couple of days I have been delivering my college sophomore daughter to New York City for a summer internship. Phew!! …. I’d love to be blogging about how great New York is and all of the fun we’ve been having setting up shop in the sublet apartment, finding the nearest […]

True screen gem

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Pre-Ramble:  On the occasion of Elizabeth Taylor’s death, the following is a post I wrote for my other website, Big Bling. (A gal can’t be pondering innovation and writing up goals and objectives 24/7 … there needs to be some distraction by bright, sparkly objects now and then!) Multi-faceted icon – Considered one of the great […]

Short and tight

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Pre-Ramble: In the interest of reigning in on the random potpourri of stuff I cover in the blog here, I promised my new-found blogging brand-identity guru, Gary (more about him at a later date) that I would keep my posts short, tight and focused on my niche topics, innovation and creativity. Great plan. Yes. Go. Ready. Well, needless to […]

Try a more assertive pocket square …

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Pre-Ramble:  So, I was front and center for the Oscars last night … wouldn’t miss a chance to weigh in on the stunning red carpet fashion fanfare.  Lots to love (Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker) … and hate (Charlize Theron, twice).  One thing I noticed this year was that the pit-stop interviewers would ask  an actress […]