Flat out communication

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Flat out communication

Pre-Ramble: Earlier this month, I attended a fascinating course on “Presenting Data and Information” taught by Edward Tufte, statistician and professor emeritus of political science, statistics, and computer science at Yale University.  As a former graphic designer and current “information communicator,” I was very interested in learning more about Tufte and his work, and this jam-packed, one-day, information-presentation-fest didn’t disappoint. Noted for […]

Under construction …

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Under construction …

Pre-Ramble:  Yay! …  The new and improved K. blog site is now its own thing and is located at a new and improved URL … http://www.kaemmonsblog.com Look for the familiar block K. – in a dazzling new pink – to differentiate it from the K. professional capabilities site which will remain at the http://www.katherineemmons.com URL …. and is still under construction. You […]

Under construction

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Under construction

Pre-Ramble:  For the next couple of weeks the K. site will be undergoing a bit of renovation — we are moving the “just-for-fun” blog posts to a whole new site and expanding the current K. site to feature just the business consulting services that I provide – strategic platforms, writing and coaching/facilitation. The Take-Away:  Sorry for the dust – […]

This is still it

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Pre-Ramble:  Yep – you’re in the right place – I’ve just revised the layout of the K. website a little bit to feature the professional angle on my writing for clients and potential clients who want some more details on that. Never fear though, the blog page will still deliver the same pithy and insightful fare that you’ve come to expect, … and […]

While you were out

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Pre-Ramble:  While I was out of town a whole bunch of stuff happened in the world. Big stuff.  Almost too big to blog about.  My experience with earthquakes while living in California is enough to help me understand how truly devastating Japan’s 9.0 quake was … even without the tsunami or the threat of nuclear radiation.  Unfathomable.  As I unpack […]

Cause for celebration

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Pre-Ramble:  The quality of writing is only a small part of the complex and collaborative effort that is required to prepare and submit a winning grant proposal.  Nonetheless, we grantwriters need to celebrate the “win” when get one!  It is in that spirit that I do a little dance in the end-zone to observe the recent […]

Pitch the tent – literally

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Pre-Ramble:  So, a friend of mine just got back from a trip to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota.  The Boundary Waters is a revered place to Minnesotans; it is a Mecca of all things good and rustic and wild and adventurous.  FYI – If you’re going to the Boundary Waters, you are going camping. Camping …  you […]

Dizzy Busy

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Pre-Ramble:  Well, you know you’re too busy when you’re even too busy to write a blog about being too busy. There is so much going on that I want to write about … the oil spill,… the spelling bee,… high school graduations,… Armando Galarraga’s “perfect game” … a cool huge pencil that I made out […]

Snow Day

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Pre-Ramble: Well it looks like we’re going to get some snow for Christmas … According to University of Minnesota Climatologist and Meterologist Mark Seeley, the pending holiday storm will dump between 12 and 21 inches of snow on the Twin Cities by Saturday evening. The Take-Away:  Ho-ho-ho! Cheers to your Merry Christmas and a Happy […]