Big bling

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Pre-Ramble:  Not referring to the iPhone app by the same name that features over-sized twirling jewels, the new big bling in town is a wonder to behold by sculptor and installation artist Jim Hodges. The work, called “Untitled” (shown right), is made of four massive boulders, each weighing eight to 13 tons and faced with veneers […]

Spring has sprung

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Pre-Ramble:  So, while the snow is still piling up outside and college students are dreaming of their Spring Break trips to sunny and warm places … giant pink and red rose blossoms are springing up along Park Avenue in NYC. “The Roses” is a whimsical installation by artist Will Ryman featuring 38 “over-sized pink and red rose blossoms”  (shown […]

Unbridled bravado, or torn ACL?

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Pre-Ramble: While researching the recent consumer credit crisis, I came across this photo of the Charging Bull (also called the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green Bull), a 7,000 pound bronze sculpture by Arturo Di Modica that is installed in Bowling Green park near Wall Street in New York City. An imposing sort of fellow, […]

No spitballs on the bus

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Pre-Ramble: As the campaigns head into the final turn, there’s going to be a lot more than spitballs flying. Let’s face it, we’re sitting in the splash-zone for the next few weeks as election fervor hits the final fan. I’m thinking that this would be an excellent time to head out of range, put our […]