Multi-faceted approach -- I use concise writing and simple visual elements to capture, clarify and communicate concepts, processes, strategies, initiatives and outcomes. 

Let me help you craft the cut, color and clarity of your content:


Gather pertinent information from multiple sources including archive materials, online research, ideation, mapping and facilitated discussion


Develop the narrative arc, identifying key themes and establishing overall structure, tone and flow


Present information in a crisp powerpoint deck, summary report or one-page overview that incorporates written and visual elements





Katherine’s unique written/visual approach and ease of manner quickly earned the trust and respect of our team. We were able to capture and align many disparate programs and perspectives into a cohesive set of actionable strategies.
— Michael A. Schmitt, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, University of Minnesota Extension
Katherine’s ability to capture stakeholder language, create organization and clarity, and keep us on strategy was key to the successful outcome of our work.
— Liz Ward, Communications Director, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
This is one of the best presentations we’ve seen.
— 3M Team Lead, Construction Home Improvement Markets Division (CHIM)
Katherine is a go-to writer and editor. She is able to transform program material and raw data into a compelling narrative that is communicated in a style that’s perfectly suited to the product and the audience.
— Renee Obrecht-Como, Program Director, Extension Center for Family Development, University of Minnesota